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Feb 27, 2013

In addition to the normal everyday running of Hunt Country Jewelers, we are always looking to expand; our products and services, the website, our marketing efforts.  Always trying to move in outward and upward directions.  So I have a few projects that I would really love to get some feedback on, if you all would be so kind!


Project #1: A Policy and FAQ page for the website

What FAQ’s would you like to see up on the website?  I’d like this page to be a place anyone can go to get more in depth information, or a clarification of a policy, or the random answer to a question about our oddball hours.  Do you have any questions about the manufacturing process, how to commission a piece, or why we bring dogs to the store with us?  Want to know why we like 18K better than 14K? 

There are questions I find myself answering on a regular basis that I’ll certainly be including, but I don’t have a great outside perspective on what you are most interested in or what about our processes and policies might need some clarification.  I’m too close to it all!

I do use/plan on using the blog for some of this, too, cause it’s a great place for longer discussion.  But I would like to craft a FAQ page that is ‘official’, succinct, easy to find and read, and above all else- helpful.  So what can I help you with?


Project #2: A Hunt Country Wedding Gallery

I love it when couple’s send us pictures of their Hunt Country rings on their wedding day!  So I am going to share the love.  I am going to put up a gallery as part of the still under construction Hunt Country Bridal Shop.  Would you rather see something like this as a permanent gallery?  A series of blog posts? Not at all?

Are you a Hunt Country Bride or Groom?  Please send me your pictures!


Project #3: 101 Hunt Country Engagement Rings

We love the hard and soft cover books we’ve printed this year; we use them all the time.  And we’re discovering that one of the only drawbacks to all digital photography is having to cart a computer downstairs and remember the name or item number of the piece you’re thinking of to show a client.  Having the photos printed in a light, portable book solves that!

Also, engagement rings are hard.  There are so many choices and if you’re trying for a surprise, there’s a lot riding on your decisions.   What did you wish someone had told you when you were ring shopping?  We have a list of questions we ask anyone shopping for or designing a ring; lifestyle, budget, preferences.   It’s the preferences bit that’s the hardest to pin down.  Does it makes more sense to you to group like styles and features together?  Diagram a few pieces and identify terminology?  Or do you just want pictures, pictures, and more pictures?

Oh, and if you’d like a copy of any of our books to pass along to a friend in the market, or simply for yourself just let us know!  Eventually, I’d like to have digital copies of these books, too.  But that’s a project for another day!



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