Intergem Time!

Feb 01, 2013

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that Logan and I were hastily taking our booth at Intergem down, hoping to be packed up and eating dinner in very short order.  But it is time for Intergem again!  We’ll be heading out to the International Gem and Jewelry Show, February 15, 16 & 17 at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, Virginia.  This will be our sixth appearance at the show and we’re finally starting to feel like we have it under control.  It’s a whirlwind weekend for us!

I really love these weekends, as hectic as they are.  It's such a great chance to meet new people, to talk to others who love gems and jewelry, and-let's be honest- show off a little.  I think our work is awesome and I like sharing it! We're one of only a few local vendors and one of the few who cut stones AND and set them in original mountings.  We've been bringing along our wax carving supplies, too, for anyone interested in our manufacturing process.  Logan is the best one to ask about this, but when I am there with him I do bring along a few of my (very elementary) projects as well.  I think we'll be setting Ed free from the bench this time around to spend a day out there; if you ever wanted to ask a master of his craft about what he does- Ed is your guy!

Like everything we do, we are constantly trying to improve our performance with each new round.  We’ve tweaked signage, changed up our displays, narrowed down what types of inventory people are interesting in seeing, and what showcases our work the best.  This time we’ve got some bigger changes; we have a new display all together.  In December we added a beautiful, tiered, wooden display for our Silver Line- and loved the way it worked out.  This time around we’re adding a whole new handmade case.  So we’ll have three whole sides of display space instead of just the one big case in the front- which means more room for inventory, loose stones, everything.  And we’ve changed out our background to give us more space for display.  So we’re going to look a little different this time around; nothing like a little face lift to re-energize you!

And we’ve moved.  We are now the happy occupants of a corner booth; number 417 to be exact.  Not too far from all the friends we’ve made over in the 600 row, though we will miss them, but it will be great fun to meet all the new people in the 400 row.

We’ve had the opportunity over the last several months to acquire some really cool gemstones and we’d like to highlight a few things at this show.  So we’ll be doing two features; 1) The Hunt Country Garnets, and 2) The Honeymoon Suite.  We find ourselves in possession of a fabulous collection of garnets, at the moment.  We have just about everything represented- demantoids, tsavorites, Merelani mints, spessartites, rhodolites, pyropes, color changers, and one of our newest additions, an andradite.  We have some set and some loose; faceted and cabachoned; in simple settings or complex ones.  It will be a lot of fun.  Add to that that many of the tsavorites came from the Scorpion Mine in Kenya that Logan worked in 2007 and we had the chance to re-visit this year, and we are really excited about garnets!Blog6banner_copy.jpg

Our other feature is one I have been so (im)patiently waiting for- The Honeymoon Suite stones!  We’ve started to set a few, so we’ll have both set and unset examples of the stones we handpicked in Kenya and Tanzania this year.  Check out the previous blog post for a re-cap of our buying experience and some examples of what we’ll have at the show with us!

Also in preparation for the show and the upcoming Valentine’s weekend; we’ve been busily adding new stock pieces as fast as we can.  Starting tomorrow, we’ll be posting all the new 2013 inventory to our Facebook page (Here, if you want to check it out), so you can easily find only the very newest inventory.    We always leave about half of our inventory on our own showroom floor during show weekends, so if you are going to come out to the show and there is a particular piece you’d like to see in person just let us know and we’ll make sure it joins in the fun.  And, as always, we do have FREE passes to the show; shoot me an email with your name and address and how many passes you’d like and I’ll be happy to pop them in the mail for you.  

The only downside to this show is that set up is Thursday night- Valentine’s Day and my birthday.  So spare a little thought for Logan and I that night, hauling our cases and gear, setting up lighting, and chowing down on Chipotle (it IS my favorite).  As my niece says, ‘It’s so Omantic!’ At least we’ll be together! 

Hope to see you there, 


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