Who We Are

Hunt Country Jewelers, Inc. was started in 1977 in Fairfax, Virginia by Ed and Claire Cutshall, and is now located in Hillsboro, Virginia, a picturesque village approx. one hour west of Washington D.C. Their son, Logan, finished up a Geology degree from Virginia Tech in 2007 and joined the buisness full time; his wife, Carolyn, came on board in 2011, first as a girlfriend, then a fiancee, and is now offically a Cutshall, too.

We chose our tiny village because we opted to limit our production of jewelry to what we can manufacture personally, rather than mass produce and merchandise like so many other "designers".  We produce about 200 original pieces a year, many of them with our own gemstones.  Out of that 200, about half end up in our cases as inventory and the other half are fully custom, commissioned work that leave the shop immediately upon completetion.

Our styles range from highly detailed, natural and filigree looks to bold, contemporary and tailored designs. Focusing on unusual colored gemstones and diamonds, one can see the commitment to esthetics and quality rarely found in the jewelry market today. If you seek lightweight, flimsy jewelry, you are probably at the wrong site. Otherwise, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the comfortable heft of our jewelry (a few extra grams of gold/platinum goes a long way toward longevity). And our pieces are so comfortable when worn that you will hardly notice the extra weight.

As a small family buisiness, we all bring our own talents, perspectives, opinions, and strengths to the table and it has allowed to us to build relationships with our clients that are really more like friendships.  We are straight talking, down to earth folk and we love helping people celebrate and commemorate big events, small moments, loved ones, and memories.  We are strict about quality, design, and structural integrity, but flexible in our styles.  We are always striving to learn new skills and techniques, explore new metals and alloys, and expand our services to better serve you.

We hope you enjoy our jewelry, as much as we've enjoyed creating it. We look forward to hearing from you, or seeing you in our store. Please stop by to learn more about us - we are Hunt Country Jewelers.

Ed Cutshall

Claire Cutshall


Logan Cutshall

Carolyn Cutshall

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