Stunning Elegance


Hunt Country Jewelers is proud to present the Jubilant Crown®.
Whether you are giving a diamond to the one you love or purchasing one for yourself, why not select a stone that is as unique and beautiful as the person who will wear it? The Jubilant Crown® has its roots in the refinement and grace of the Victorian era. The inspiration for the Jubilant Crown® was majestic enough to befit a queen.


Doesn't the one you love deserve the same?

The Jubilant Crown® is the logical extension of the traditional brilliant pattern. Finally, there is a timeless and elegant alternative for the serious diamond buyer.
The Jubilant Crown®... bringing end-to-end brilliance across your entire stone.

A New Diamond Design

 Designed by Ed Cutshall, the Jubilant Crown® Cut was inspired by the "double pavilion" round diamond, created for Queen Victoria's Jubilee celebration. Patented in 2000, the Jubilant Crown® design is truly more brilliant and scintillating than the standard round brilliant. Many of the well known gemstone 'custom designs' are, in reality, simple variations of the standard shapes. But instead of simply rescaling the facet size, as many other diamond "designers" have done, Ed has designed a brand new facet pattern. JubilantCrown_2.jpg
The Jubilant Crown® diamond enhances the beauty of an ordinary diamond, by adding 16 additional, carefully designed facets to the crown. This gives the Jubilant Crown® a total of 49 facets in the crown, as compared to 33 facets in a standard round diamond cut. But it is not just the addition of supplementary facets that make the difference. If that were the case, a diamond with well over a hundred facets would surely be the brightest. The Jubilant Crown® maintains a perfect symmetry that allows for the maximum dispersion of light. The table size is decreased, adding a stunning brilliance, scintillation and dispersion that is truly powerful.

Our New Gemstone Design

Hunt Country Jewelers would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new square gemstone design (shown left). The new square cut is a much closer version of a brilliant cut, put on a square than any other cut currently on the market.  

Most all of the fancy square pavilions that are not of the simplicity of the stepped Asscher cut are built on a cluster of chevrons.                

Our cut combines triangle and diamond shapes in the pavilion, showing better clarity of brilliance; it's more balanced, if you will.                

According to Logan: "Due to the combination of a round brilliant pavilion and step cut crown, we've found our square diamond to have increased fire and scintillation across the whole stone."                  We'd love to show it to you!

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