Welcome To Hunt Country Jewelers

You have located a very unusual combination of "arts and crafts" rarely found in the United States: handmade, originally designed jewelry coupled with handmade, originally designed gemstones (both colored gems and diamonds).

Father and son, Ed and Logan Cutshall are the designers for both our jewelry inventory as well as commissioned work performed throughout the year.  Ed's wife, Claire Cutshall, adds the gem faceting dimension by cutting most of our colored gems; many using our patented gem designs, including the Jubilant Crown designs.          

Logan's wife, Carolyn Cutshall, is learning her way around the shop while managing the day to day operations with Claire.

We invite to you explore our website to find years of archive photos, information on our hand carved wax and lost wax casting process, our patented gemstone patterns, our commission policies, as well as our current product inventory.  Our website is always under construction, so please feel free to contact us to let us know something isn't working or if there's something else you'd like to see us post.  And check out our Facebook and Shop Talk blog pages for all the comings, goings, photos, and projects of the family and the workshop!  Thanks for stopping by!

Carolyn is going to be in and out of the office during the month of October; but no worries- Claire is here and business is continuing as usual!  Please direct inquiries either to the store at 540.338.8050 or to Claire by email at Claire(at)huntcountry(dot)com.

Wish Lists!

Fill out a Wish List and take the guessing out of Holiday Shopping!  We will keep these on file here at the store and also contact anyone you indicate below that you have a Wish List on file so they may shop for you with ease and confidence!

Item numbers can be found on our product pages or a simple description will help us help you!


Holidays with Hunt Country!

We are busily preparing a full calendar of events over here at Hunt Country, including wine tastings, Shop Like a Man, caroling, and fresh greens demos and giveaways.  More info will be available and we firm up the details!  But up first is our...

First Ever Gemstone Sidewalk Sale!

We're getting into the spirit of the annual Purcellville Tag Sale this year and having a sale of our own!  While we won't be out on the actual sidewalk, we will have over 100 individual gemstones and matched pairs and suites all out on display.  And many will be marked down up to 50%!

So come see us during your bargain hunting on Saturday, October 10 during our regular store hours to see, play with, and maybe find your next perfect gemstone!


P.S. Many of these stones are PERFECT for lovely holiday gifts- now's the time to start thinking about if you'd like anything made for December!

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